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Calling All Veterans – Your Help is Needed Now!

Calling all Veterans!

From the Desk of NMEDA President – Dave Hubbard:

NMEDA needs your help and assistance to write your Congressional Representative to further support our upcoming bill aimed at ensuring our Veterans are taken care of when they return from serving our country.  Please follow these steps:

1. Using the following letter (NMEDA-VA-COMMITTEE-LETTER-HR_2) please personalize it with your information, or copy and paste on your own letterhead.

2. Send it to your Representative via mail or email. A list of all Congressional Representatives can be found here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find

3. IMPORTANT! Email a copy of the of the letter to the two VA Committee staffers below and bcc my office at (dhubbard1@nmeda.org).



If we can get 5 letters – OK. If we can get 10- that’s better. 15 are better yet. 25 would be great. Personal letters from Disabled Veterans would add value to the story, and these letters will be infinitely more valuable than the generic letters we generated. I know this is asking you to step a little out of your comfort zone, but we need the help. The nay-Sayers are trying to dilute our bill…

In Addition:

Pass along to other Veterans and feel free to post this information on your Facebook page and any other social media site to ask for additional help and support.

Thank you!

Dave Hubbard


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