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How About an App to Help Find Wheelchair Accessible Routes?

Planning ahead is often key for anyone in a wheelchair, because catching a movie and even going to dinner can sometimes become a challenge without.
Well, now there is an App to help thanks to, Jason DaSilva. You see, Jason knows the struggles that wheelchair users may face on a daily basis, as he has MS. Frustrated at his personal experience, Jason set out to find a way to improve his own experiences, in the process he figured his findings could help others. His App, called AXS Map, does just this.

It works to assist wheelchair users in planning routes, and locating businesses that are more accessible to their needs. Powered by Google maps, this App goes beyond simply finding ramps or wheelchair-friendly attractions, it allows for user interaction to rate venues on their level of accessibility.
The App is designed to help eliminate any doubts or second guesses when planning an outing. Because, as anyone in a wheelchair knows, something as simple as knowing if a restroom is accessible or not before they get there and find out the hard way, makes a huge difference.
Even though the App is still in its infancy stage, Jason continues to host what he calls, “Mapping Days”. This is when volunteers set out with the sole purpose of mapping out towns across the country, to continue updating the Apps reliability and functionality. If you would like to get your own AXS Map App click the link. Who knows, this might be just what you have been looking for.
Know any other Apps that are designed in mind of helping the physically challenged community? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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