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How Fundraising Can Help You Reach Your Mobility Goals

From wheelchairs to assistive technology to accessible vans, maintaining your mobility can be an expensive investment. Although most people dealing with a mobility condition understand how significant the right equipment can improve their lives, some families can’t afford all the out-of-pocket costs without assistance.

That’s where fundraising with Help Hope Live comes in.

How Can I Fundraise through Help Hope Live?

Help Hope Live is a top-rated national nonprofit that helps individuals affected by catastrophic injuries and illnesses cover uninsured medical costs through fundraising.

What makes Help Hope Live different from crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe? Donations to Help Hope Live in your honor are:

  • Tax deductible for donors
  • Not considered personal income/assets to you
  • Eligible for matching gifts, foundation support, and more

In addition, Help Hope Live provides one-on-one fundraising support, a customizable Campaign Page to collect donations and receive messages of support, a personalized fundraising video to help kickstart your campaign, and a way to have your bills paid directly by the organization using funds raised in your honor. These services are covered by a low 5% fee.

No longer need to fundraise? Unlike for-profit crowdfunding sites, our nonprofit will ensure that the funds you’ve raised assist other fundraising campaigns in your area, so even more people can reach their mobility goals with our help.

Can I Fundraise to Pay for a Van?

If you’d like to fundraise with Help Hope Live for an accessible van or other mobility needs, all you need is a supportive community and a condition that falls within Help Hope Live’s guidelines.  To learn more about fundraising through Help Hope Live, check out a full explanation of the nonprofit’s advantage or browse the FAQ page. If you’re ready to get started, submit your application today.

Accessible transportation and mobility supplies can unlock a new world of employment opportunities and social connection. Don’t let finances stand in the way: explore what fundraising with a supportive nonprofit can do for you.

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