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Is Equine Therapy Right for You?

For countless years, the use of equine therapy has been a viable method of improving physical and emotional states of numerous individuals. Even by some, considered a handicapped vehicle of sorts, but what is equine therapy?


Equine therapy is a therapy program where horses are used to teach individuals how to maneuver horses and perform tricks; all while creating an everlasting bond with their new four-legged friend. However, what makes the program so successful is the experience and emotional fix. Participants not only benefit from receiving the repetitious encouragement from their instructors and parents, but they also gain a valuable sense of accomplishment, which dramatically improves quality of life and self esteem. The emotional connection is strong… The smiles, the laughter, the experience is truly one rewarding experience for all those involved. However, there is more aside from the numerous emotional benefits. Riding therapy also provides physical and fitness gains such as, core strengthening, range of motion, balance, posture, and increased hand-eye coordination.
So, what about the horses, you ask? The horses selected for equine programs are those with special qualities and many years of handling, to ensure these qualities and personalities fit with the program. This is actually a very important step when placing the rider with the right horse. Program instructors work hard to ensure they match up the right horse with the right rider, allowing for a better experience from start to finish. As each rider is different, so is each horse. While many can do tricks, others are to be more patient and tolerant to noise and erratic behavior, but one thing is for sure, these horses are as special as their riders. Great care goes into caring and taking care of their needs, and building of their personalities.
If you would like to learn more about equine therapy and its many benefits, click here.

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