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New Handicap Vans for Sale: Rear-Entry vs. Side-Entry

If you’re looking for new handicap vans for sale but aren’t quite sure what to look for, you may find yourself overwhelmed with some of the choices that you need to make. Those that have been recently disabled can often find the task of choosing the right wheelchair van daunting—there are so many features and options to choose form in order to get the van that is best for their needs.
Many of the biggest decisions can be boiled down to just a few basic options. One of those options is whether you should get a side-entry or a rear-entry van. Both models have their benefits and disadvantages, so it’s important to know the basics of each.

With a side-entry van:
• Certain parking conditions are made much easier. Side entry models allow wheelchairs to get in and out of the van much easier. This factor can play a huge part in the decision-making process for those that live in larger cities where parking in tight spaces can become an issue.
• Those that are still able to drive may prefer side-entry vans due to their easy accessibility to the front seats. This comes in very handy when traveling with family members and other loved ones.
• On the other hand, side-entry vans don’t allow for much space inside the vehicle due to the configuration of the door.

With a rear-entry van:
• These vans are typically less expensive because the conversion process effects a smaller part of the van; typically, the center of the floor is cut out and a new lowered section is welded back in it place.
• When entering through the rear of the van, it is simple to get into the travel position, with no turning or re-positioning required. This is a huge plus for those that have longer wheelchairs.
• In terms of the downside, rear-entry wheelchair vans tend not to have the option of wheelchair driver or co-pilot seating due to the lowered rear floor. Therefore, rear-entry vehicles are usually a better fit for those that will be remaining in the back of the van.
Again, this choice is just one of the many choices those looking for new handicap vans will have to make. But it is best to take it all in one step at a time.
For a more detailed breakdown of side-entry vs. rear-entry wheelchair vans, contact any one of Superior Van and Mobility’s nine convenient locations.

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