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Quiet Drive Technology Standard in New BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

In the past, the conversion process of creating a lowered floor minivan meant an increase in cabin noise was inevitable. Until now… New innovations in technology has made it possible for a handicap accessible minivan to be nearly as quiet inside as its factory counterpart.

Introducing BraunAbilty’s “quiet” technology that will become a standard improvement on all new BraunAbility wheelchair vans for 2013!

‘Quiet Drive’, as it is called is an exclusive feature to new BraunAbility vehicles. This new innovation reduces noise and vibration in lowered-floor wheelchair accessible vehicles by up to 25%, resulting in a more traditional and comfortable mobility experience.

It has taken BraunAbility engineers two years of research to make this viable acoustic improvement and refinement as part of their relationship with advanced engineering facilities of Chrysler and Ford.

The process involves the use of noise-blocking seals and high-performance noise-absorbing materials; stopping sound before it enters the cabin. This new technology is now standard on all new BraunAbility conversions on the 2013 Chrysler, Dodge, Honda and Toyota accessible minivans.

We invite our customers to come test drive a new BraunAbility accessible vehicle with the Quiet Drive technology at one of our nine locations across the country. For more info (and a laugh) check out their new Quiet Drive YouTube video.

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