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Summer Vacations and Wheelchair Accessibility . . A New Way of Thinking

All too often I hear that someone has not been able to drive to their family member’s wedding, a family reunion, or just to the beach because there was no way to get them and their wheelchair there comfortably and conveniently. There are SO MANY options on the market these days to help ease this concern! If you haven’t investigated what’s now available in the wheelchair van market these days, you will be amazed.

You may be wondering why a lowered floor minivan is so important in this situation. Maybe someone is your family has offered to just put a ramp in the side door of their existing van? Here’s our David Letterman top 10 list of why that will not work:

10) Where will the ramp go when you are not using it?
9) You want me to go up that steep ramp? Who is pushing??
8.) Ouch, don’t bump your head as you go in!
7) What out for that flying chair if there is an accident!
6) Seat belt, who needs a stinking seat belt?
5) Oh, I have to bend in half to sit comfortably in here?
4) You want me to go down that steep ramp? Who is catching?
3) No moving around until I reach the next destination?
2) Great scenery – wish I could see it
And the Number One reason it will not work:

The new vehicles on the market today offer space, style, comfort, and safety. If price is a concern, a used or pre-owned van may be the answer!! Looking for options and special packages on the vehicles? We’ve got em’ – leather, navigation, back up camera’s, etc. Need a vehicle with great gas mileage? How does 28 mpg sound?

Don’t miss out on anything or anywhere you want to go just because you have to consider your chair in the equation. Check out what’s available by contacting one of our mobility consultants today to discuss your specific needs and situation

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