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Superior Van & Mobility and Parking Spots, We’re Speaking Up For Our Customers

There are nice people out there, and there are not so nice people out there. The folks that respect the lined areas that accompany most handicapped parking spaces fall into the nice people category. At Superior Van and Mobility, we hear about the not-so-nice folks and the headaches they cause our wheelchair van users. Believe me, we’ve heard some FUNNY STUFF from some of our feistier van drivers of things they’ve done to remind folks not to park in those areas. I hope you have never been a victim of their reminders! If you’ve never thought about the challenges this type of disregard creates, just ask yourself this question, “If someone in a wheelchair has to get into this vehicle, how would they do it with my car parked just inches from their door?” In today’s society, many folks are so busy and preoccupied with their own activities and errands that they unconsciously or sometimes consciously overlook these special and necessary areas. My goal in writing this blog entry is to make this something that people actually think about and talk about in their personal circles. I even hope for making it something people speak up about in person if they see someone parking in one of these areas! People with mobility vans and special driving equipment need these spaces not because they are closer to a store or an office, but because extra space is needed to accommodate their entry and exit from these vehicles. That extra space is more easily monitored if it is within viewing distance of the business providing the spots. There are things our customers have done to their own vans to remind folks about their parking needs. These actions include putting large stickers on their van doors asking for extra loading space (which we provide to our customers free of charge), and some even carry an orange cone with them that they leave outside of their car to remind others not to be in that space. Even with these additional messages present, it continues to be a challenge to make people understand the validity in their request. In closing, please be aware of the necessity of these spaces and pass on the facts about their existence to those that seem bitter or resentful of their placement. These spots are abused more than any other parking restriction we have, but I am hopeful as awareness is raised about what they mean to their valid users, this will change.

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