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Three Considerations When Looking for Handicapped Vans for Sale

When you’re out looking for handicapped vans that are going to suit your needs the best, you need to look for more than basic wear and tear, mileage, and under-the-hood issues. Wheelchair vans also require special amounts of space and additional options and features.
Because of the level of safety and customization that is often necessary when it comes to these types of vans, there are some special considerations you need to make when you start looking for handicapped vans for sale. Here are three of the most common:
The Size of Your Wheelchair:
The very size of your wheelchair can often be the deciding factor in the type of van you get, from the conversion process right down to the model you use. From seating positions to entry method, the size of your wheelchair plays a huge role in the type of handicapped van you’ll need. Before heading off to the lot, make sure you know the following information about your wheelchair:
• Height and width
• Width of the wheels
• The weight of the wheelchair and its owner
• Approximate length of the individual in the wheelchair when their legs are extended

Think About Driving:
Not all makes and models of handicapped vans for sale are set up to allow for adaptive driving. There are certain hand controls and other features that make driving easier for handicapped individuals but they are not compatible with all models of vans. If you believe the individual in the wheelchair will do quite a bit of driving, this will automatically limit a lot of your options.

Parking and Passengers:
Think about your driving conditions and the sort of garage or driveway you have. Depending on the amount of room you have in these situations, you may not have much of a choice in which sort of entry method you’ll need. If you have a small garage or will be parking in tight traffic, for instance, a side-entry ramp is not going to be the best way to go. Think about this, as well as room you may need for potential passengers, when making your decision as to which sort of handicapped van is right for you.

With all of this information at the ready and the help of an expert conversion specialist from Superior Van and Mobility, you’re sure to find a great handicapped van that is perfect for your lifestyle and needs.

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