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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Options – Mini or Full-Sized Vans

When selecting the right vehicle for your needs, consider both the mini and the full-sized wheelchair vans. In many cases, both vehicles can be upgraded to be accessible to individuals that have to remain in a wheelchair when entering or exiting the vehicle. Regardless, it is always necessary to consider a few specific aspects of both options before you make the decision about one or the other. Those investing in either option will find that in most cases, there are reasons to make either an acceptable choicee.

A wheelchair van is effective only when it works for your needs. For this reason, you should talk to a dealership like ours (Superior Van and Mobility) to determine what the best type of van for your situation and budget.

The Minivan

The minivan is one of the most consumer-appreciated and commonly available vehicles. Various manufacturers produce it. A standard minivan from a “normal” dealership can, in most cases, be modified to include accessible features for those with disabilities. This usually takes 4-6 weeks if you are sending your van away to be modified. This is not always possible, but it can be done on many chassis types. Another option is a wheelchair van already customized to your needs. Specialized dealers like Superior Van & Mobility carry ready-to-take- home vans right on their lots. They can range in features and styles as well as price range.

The Full Sized Van

Another option to consider is the full sized van. Full-size vans offer more height and floor room for wheelchairs users and use a lift (not a ramp) to enter and exit the vehicle. It is a larger vehicle overall so costs to fuel it tend to be higher than a minivan. Also, if you have never driven a full size van, some folks think it is a little harder to manage in parking spaces and on the road in general. It is still a great option for those who need more head room and or cannot fit their family in a smaller van.

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