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Why Choose a Full Size Wheelchair Van?

When you are looking at the wide variety of accessible vehicles on the market today, you’ll notice that most of the vans you will see are minivans. While these are great, stylish vehicles, some people are looking for a vehicle that is larger, with more room for cargo and family. If you want to get even more functionality out of your vehicle, consider a full size wheelchair van.

At Superior Van and Mobility, we have a large selection of full size vans that have the important features you want and need. Combining convenience, safety and value is our goal and we achieve this by selling full size vans from Vantage Mobility International and Tuscany Automotive Solutions. These industry leaders have been paving the way for other companies for years now and they are still the gold standard when it comes to the selection of handicap accessible vehicles that they offer to customers.

VMI and Tuscany joined forces in 2005 and ever since then they have been designing and implementing phenomenal conversions on some of the most highly sought after full size vans including the Ford E150, E250 and E350. You will never have to sacrifice style or comfort to get the right handicap vehicle for you.

We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to the find the right full size wheelchair van for their needs with all of the important safety and cargo features that they want. The wheelchair accessible vans from VMI and Tuscany come with either a 6” center cut lowered floor, which is incredibly safe and easy to use, or a full-dropped lowered floor. You can also opt for a raised roof or raised door, which enables you to have the perfectly customized wheelchair van for your individual requirements. Check out the wide selection of full size fans we have to offer today!

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