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Why It Can Be Tricky to Buy From a Normal Car Dealer

You may be considering buying an unconverted “normal” vehicle, and sending it to a mobility conversion manufacturer for a lowered floor wheelchair ramp conversion. There are many things to consider when you decide to go this route. You many think you are getting a great deal from a regular car dealership, or the dealer you have used for years, but they may not even be aware of the questions that are important to ask before you sign that purchase order in this type of situation!

So many times we hear from an unhappy customer when it’s too late. They have purchased a minivan that they would like to convert to be wheelchair accessible but find out that it is not able to be converted, or cannot offer them the options they need like seating positions, an in-floor or fold-up ramp position, head clearance, or ramp width. For these reasons and more, it is so important to discuss your mobility needs with an experienced mobility dealer like Superior Van & Mobility. Here are some things you may not know:

We accept any type of vehicle as a trade-in, just like a normal car dealership. We will inspect your vehicle and give you a very competitive trade-in offer!

We carry new mobility van, pre-owned, and used mobility van inventory right on our lots. Don’t see something you like at your nearest Superior location? No problem, we can transfer the vehicle you like from any of our 7 locations within a day or two.

We offer the same rebates that you will find at a normal car dealership on the same chassis.

We want to make sure you receive ALL the mobility rebates that you qualify for. Often, a car salesman that is not familiar with these programs does not know to even tell you about them, causing you to miss out on up to $1000 in mobility rebates.

We carry the same color and trim package options as a normal car dealership, therefore, buying a chassis that is unconverted to send out for a conversion will just cost you an additional 4-6 weeks of waiting time. We often have the same van with a complete lowered floor conversion sitting on one of our 7 lots and can have it ready for you within a day or two. In addition, if you need to finance a wheelchair accessible vehicle, we work with special lenders like Braun Credit that are familiar with the added costs of mobility conversions, and can offer flexible finance solutions for these special vehicles.

Our 36 years of experience in mobility consulting ensures we ask the right questions, do the right measurements, and get you the right vehicle for your situation the first time. Please contact any of our seven locations to find out about your full range of options!


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